Hotel Karos Spa++++superior

Hotel Karos Spa++++superior

The hotel is not only the biggest hotel in the popular resort town of Zalakaros , but also the biggest one in the area. Spacious spaces, a huge green park and a quiet location promise relaxing days.

Hotel Karos Spa ++++ superior hotel is located in a garden of Eden, 500 meters from the center, surrounded by forests, rolling hills and vineyards.

Due to the child- and family-friendly nature of the hotel, it offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for small and large families, and in addition, those looking for wellness experiences and those wishing to recover will find all the opportunities to achieve their goals.

The hotel’s approximately 300 Spa Superior rooms guarantee a truly relaxing experience with the comfort of an intimate home and all the services you need for every need. The special feature of the Spa Superior rooms is that you can enjoy the pampering of the thermal water from the hotel's own thermal well in-room.

The true Spa feeling “advertised” by the hotel can be experienced through the diverse, pampering, refreshing and relaxing massages and treatments provided by the Harmony Spa wellness department, as well as through the services of the Spa Swimming Pool and Sauna World. Between the 5 indoor and 2 (seasonal) outdoor pools and the 7 types of saunas, anyone can find the most ideal form of relaxation or relaxation.

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