The website is operated by the Zalakaros Tourism Nonprofit Ltd.

General information: +36 93 340 421


The name of the company is: Zalakaros Tourism Non-profit Limited Liability Company.

Abbreviated name of the company: Zalakaros Tourism Nonprofit Ltd.

The company's headquarters is: 8749 Zalakaros, Gyógyfürdő tér 10.

Name of the person authorized to represent the company: Szabolcs Pál Kovács managing director.

The statistical number of the company is 24273255-8230-572-20

Company number is 24273255-2-20

Company registration number: 20-09-073405 (Registered by the Court of Registration of the Zalaegerszeg General Court)

This company has a cash register number: 75000246-10097346

The cash flow indicator is managed by Takarékban Zrt.

You can contact the company at