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Éva Dóka

Dóka Éva Winery

We met Robi in '96, after his heart drove him home to Zala and by that time he was heavily infected with the love of grapes and wine. My past was similar to mine, our family did not cultivate a mountain but more, so this activity was not the crux of my heart, but then Robi became so much so I gave in to my waist to buy grapes.

Róbert Tarsoly

Dóka Éva Winery

As a child, I would have thought of everything, except that I would never work with grapes and wine! This was due to the fact that my parents regularly used my "selfless" help at the small family estate while the boys were playing soccer on the street…

Zoltán Szabadics

Kányaváry Wine Estate

The winery and winemaker introductions usually start with: .... third generation of a cooper family... My story is different.

Dorottya Dr. Bussay

Bussay Winery

After finishing university and my residency, in December 2014, I took over my father's GP practice and winery. Many times I am asked, "But who is the winemaker now?" Behind my hidden smile is always the answer: ... we don't have titles ...

Katalin Császár

Cezar Winery

Cezar Winery Kft. with its Swedish roots, has a history of more than 60 years. Visit the Cezar Winery and discover the hidden treasures of the Zala Wine Region where they are born.

János Csali

Csali Wine Estate

My name is János Csali, I have been making wine for almost a decade. Classic white wines as well as red wines, variety and blended wines are available in the selection of my wine cellar.

Család Puklavec

Puklavec Winery

With our good wines you will have homemade snacks and great hospitality ...

Család Cuk

Winehouse Cuk

The beginnings of vine growing in our family go back to 1950, when my great-grandfather started to make wine from the vine ...

László Kránicz

Kranicz Winehouse

Since my childhood I have been dealing with grapes and wine, and we have gradually developed and shaped our winery. We currently farm 5 hectares and produce 22 varieties of wine.

Lajos Vlasics

Vlasics Cellar

I am a hobby winemaker, he is the president of the St. Martin Wine Friends Association and a member of the Zala Da Bibere Wine Knight Order.

Our Sauvignon blanc wine achieved the best white wine rating in the 2013 county wine competition organized by the Zala Wine Route.

János Horváth

Kisgörbői Hegyi Porta

I have been involved in traditional fruit and grape production since I was a child. Even when I was a student, the family business founded by my management bought the Kisgörbői Pálinka distillery. Since then, we have made significant improvements, and we have also started making commercial brandy.

Lajos Simon

Noah Wine House

A drop of Zala…! Grapes, wine, past, present, future, countryside, fun, friendship, forest, field, chirping, laughter! I look forward to all this at Noah's wine house ...

Vilmos Gáspár

Gáspárlat Schnappshouse

Our family comes from the western part of Hungary, from Őrség, where schnapps has a long tradition. For the farmer, schnapps was part of everyday life ...

Adrienn Arany

Arany Cellar

Gabriella Ruzsa

Kuruk Hill Cellar

Discover the most atmospheric cellar in Zalakaros!

Zsolt Vig

Vig Cellar

Our family has been making wine for 30 years. We recently remodeled a ...