Borbarangolás Zalakaroson



  • Zalakaros Tourinform office (Gyógyfürdő tér 10.)
  • Parkerdei Resting Place Forester Lookout Tower, Lookout Wine Bar
  • Zsúpos press house (Határ u.)
  • Sunset terrace (Határ u.)
  • Cellar row (Szent Orbán út)
  • Golden Winery (Szent Orbán út)
  • Csire Cellar, Votive Stone Cross (Szent Orbán út)
  • Szent Orbán Winery (Szent Orbán út)
  • Statue of St. Orbán, Hegykapu
  • (Szent Orbán út) Stone Cross (Hegykapu Street)
  • Statue of the Virgin Mary (Tónai Street)
  • Alsóhegyi vineyard (Alsóhegyi street)

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1. Tourinform office in Zalakaros: the starting and ending point of our wine tour is the Tourinform Office located in the center of Zalakaros. If you want to complete the route with a Nordic walking stick or a bicycle, you can rent it here.

2. Parkerdei Resting place: as an optional tour from the resting place, you can roam the nearby Snail Tour educational trail, with which you can slow down a bit and leave behind the rushing world of gray everyday life. The study trail passes through the Zalakaros Park Forest, its length is 1152 meters. On the interactive whiteboards of the tour you can see the wildlife of the forest, and on the soundboards you can also listen to the singing of some bird species.

3. Erdészkilátó, Kilátó Winery: The Lookout Tower is located in one of the most famous points of Zalakaros, from which a wonderful panorama unfolds before us. In good weather, Kis-Balaton and the Balaton Uplands can be clearly seen. At the foot of the recently renovated Forest Lookout Tower is the Lookout Winery, which awaits you with fine Zala wines and oven-baked food!

4. Sloping press housing: approx. Built in 1860, it is a wooden, well-built building with a pressed wall and an inner cellar. There is a narrow porch on the south entrance side.

5. Sunset terrace: The only point in Zalakaros where you can enjoy a full sunset.

6. Cellar row: Szent Orbán út and Határ út are lined on both sides by well-kept old wine cellars, vineyards and orchards. It is accompanied by a wonderful panorama.

7. Arany Winery: In Zalakaros, in the more than 150-year-old Arany Cellar at 20 Szent Orbán út, the wine is still made with traditional technology. Old wooden barrels and utensils can still be found in the basement. Based on this, the unit, which was added in 2013, already has hospitality. Taste the fine wines of Zalakaros and the matching, selected mangalica cold dishes.

8. Csire Cellar, Votive Stone Cross: the cellar is one of the pearls of the vineyard. Nowadays, beautifully renovated, it is one of the sights of the Karos vineyard where they are happy to offer the visiting guest a glass of good wine from Zalakaros. The stone cross was erected in 1920 by József Németh and his wife, Anna Balhási. The family has not had a child for a long time, so they vowed that if God bestowed them on a successor, they would set up a cross for the glory of God. A year later, Anna gave birth to a son, who was baptized John.

9. Szent Orbán Winery: in the Deutsch family, viticulture and wine production have a tradition dating back generations. In addition to tasting fine wines aged in oak barrels, we can taste traditional village dishes made in cauldrons and ovens, juicy homemade strudel and other Zala specialties.

10. Statue of St. Orban, Mountain Gate: St. Orban is the patron saint of the vineyard and the mountain, a wood-carved statue has been standing in the mountain gate since 1996. From then on, every year Orbán Day service is held in Zalakaros, when the statue of St. Orbán is sprinkled with wine to bring a rich harvest.

11. Stone Cross: The stone cross was erected by János Németh and his wife, Katalin Marton, for the glory of God and the 50th anniversary of their marriage.

12. Statue of the Virgin Mary: The statue of the Virgin Mother became the property of the Goor family during a pilgrimage. The Virgin Mary has repeatedly helped the head of the family to recover from great illnesses, so out of gratitude the family has set up a shrine in her honor on her mountain estate.

13. Alsóhegyi vineyard: viticulture and winemaking have always played an important role in the life of the people of Zalakaros. Unlike other wine regions, here viticulture and its processing are not locally separated. The unique atmosphere of the shady trees and authentic wine cellars exudes natural tranquility.

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