Winetour around Zalakaros



1. Zalakaros Tourinform Office

2. Pálos Mill, Zalamerenye

3. Kránicz Wine House, Garabonc

4. Wine House Lechner, Garabonc

5. Cezar Winery, Nagyrada

6. Kányaváry Wine Estate

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1. Tourinform office in Zalakaros: the starting and ending point of our wine tour is the Tourinform Office located in the center of Zalakaros. If you want to complete the route with a Nordic walking stick or a bicycle, you can rent it here.

2. Pálos Mill, Zalamerenye: the real curiosity of this completely renovated, authentic watermill at the confluence of Zalakaros and Zalamerenye. The mill produces flour in a functional, characteristic rhythm. In addition to the many interesting things to discover, we can also learn the mysteries of the brandy technology - even in the interpretation of the host.

3. Kránicz Wine House, Garabonc: just a few minutes from Zalakaros, a traditional, family winery awaits with their own, noble character, award-winning artisanal wines, where the family has learned and practiced the craft of winemaking for several generations. It is possible to taste and buy both bottled and river wines. Moreover, they provide free round-trip transportation for their guests.

4. Weinhaus Lechner, Garabonc: continuing your journey, even within the limits of Garabonc, you can visit the Lechner Wine House, where you can taste or even buy the mouth-watering wines of the area.

5. Cezar Winery, Nagyrada: in an idyllic, picturesque environment, in the immediate vicinity of Kis-Balaton, in Nagyradá, about 100 hectares of vineyards surround the Cezar Winery, the citadel of winemaking in Zala, a sacristy of symbiosis of varieties, flavors and drink specialties. The philosophy of the winery, in order to get to know the quality wines of the region as many people as possible, would like to show that with high quality technology and theoretical knowledge, wines that produce outstanding results can be produced in this field as well.

6. Kányaváry Wine Estate, Zalaszabar: if you head to the next settlement, don't miss the Kányaváry Wine Estate on the vineyard hill in Zalaszabar. The family vineyard overlooks the picturesque nature reserve of Kis-Balaton, in the middle of which lies the famous bird sanctuary, Kányavári Island.

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