Cezar Winery

Cezar Winery
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In an idyllic, picturesque setting, in the vicinity of the Little Balaton, the Cezar Winery is surrounded by about 100 hectares of vineyards in Nagyrada. The crown jewel of wine-making in Zala, the sanctuary of symbiosis of varieties, flavours and drink specialties.

The winery was built in the middle of a special landscape surrounded by beautiful gentle sloping hills and valleys, which was officially inaugurated in 2006. Its interior appearance, with its minimalist style - architectural design, wine technology and the sight of new baroque barrels - mesmerizes visitors for a while.

Due to the capacity of the winery and the volume of wine produced, we are the largest plant in Zala County. Our aim is to inform the public about the excellent wines of Zala and to show that with the high level of technology and theoretical knowledge, wines can be produced that deliver outstanding results in this field as well. We produce not only quality drinks, but also various other products,

including balsamic vinegar, grape-marc brandy, grape seed oils, and grist. Everything you can possibly produce from grapes.

Katalin Császár

Cezar Winery Kft. with it's Swedish roots, has a history of more than 60 years. Visit the Cezar Winery and discover the hidden treasures of the Zala Wine Region where they are born.

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