Winetour in Zala county


Location: Zalaszentgrót and surroundings - Dötk, Zalaszentgrót, Zalabér, Vindornyaszőlős, Zalaszántó

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Date: continuous

Transport: self-organized or on-demand

How to get there: From Sümeg Zalaegerszeg on the road from the center of Pakod

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First day

14:00: Dötk - Ecological and Rural Development Landscape Center: Accommodation occupation; Presentation of the Landscape Center (ecological architecture, renewable energy sources, energy park view) Dötki Ecological Landscape Center operates in one of the smallest villages in Zala. It presents solutions and models related to the sustainable use of environmental resources to those interested and uses them in an eco-house created for hospitality, ecotourism and forest school and other educational purposes. Meals are provided by the kitchen of St. Anthony of Zalabér.

16:00: Dötk - Wine House:

Introduction of the Zala Wine Route Association: The Zala Wine Route Association was founded in 1999 with the aim of promoting the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the Zala Wine Region and the preservation of its cultural traditions.

18:00: Walk on the Pakod hill: Visit the 200-year-old thatched cellar: We arrive on a pleasant half-hour walk to the 200-year-old thatched cellar renovated by the Ecoregion Foundation.

19:00 Dinner with wine tasting in the Martincsevics cellar: The family cellar, built in 1914, awaits lovers of Zala flavors and rich Zala wines on the Pakod hillside. In addition to tasting fine wines, the time spent in the Martincsevics cellar is made even more memorable by the anecdotes of farmer István.

22:00: Accommodation (Dötk, Ecoregion): The Ecoregion Foundation complements the accommodation in the country house with a youth accommodation for twenty people.

The second day

8:00: Breakfast at the accommodation

9:00: Sightseeing in the 100th Hungarian city, Zalaszentgrót: Ruin tower, Catholic church, Batthyány castle and castle park, Kiskastély, Kőhíd, Zalaszentgrót got its name from the patron saint of its former church, St. Gellert (Geroldus).

Batthyány Castle and Castle Park: The medieval building dates back to the 16th-17th centuries. It was built in the 17th century and then the present-day Baroque-braided castle was built in 1787 using the castle. The wrought iron gate deserves special attention.

10:30: Wine tasting with wine skates in the Buda cellar: Walk on the Csáford hill, baking horn cake; the guest house of the Buda family is located in Zalaszentgrót on Felsőcsáford hill. The guest house offers panoramic views of the city, the Balaton Uplands, Somló Hill and the higher points of the Bakony.

12:30: Lunch with wine tasting in the Sebestyén Wine House: The hungry and thirsty guest can find joy in the Wine House, which is easily accessible from the road with the help of signposts, pleasant hospitality, gastronomic delights and delicious wines.

14:00: Bathing in the Szent Gróth Thermal Bath: The Szent Gróth Thermal Bath awaits those who wish to relax and unwind in a quiet environment, away from the noise of the city.

18:00: Dinner with wine tasting in the Rába cellar on the Aranyod hill: All year round, guests are welcome in the family-friendly Rába cellar, known for its delicious home-made flavors and juicy wines.

20:00: Accommodation in Zalabér at the village host of Mörkné Remm Gitta: A youth and bicycle accommodation in the center of Zalabér awaits those wishing to relax. Renovated in its old style, the building offers a comfortable and practical interior.

Third day

8:00: Breakfast at the accommodation: Continental breakfast, delicious tea, coffee start the day.

9:00: Kovácsi mountain tour:

Vindornyaszőlős - basalt corridor, Vadlánylik Cave; The 200 m long basalt street of Kovácsi Hill is a unique geological formation, with caves and fissures reminiscent of flats.

Zalaszántó- Sztupa, educational trail, Buddhist shrine, Kotsy mill: On the eastern side of Kovácsi Hill, it is also easily accessible from Vindornyaszőlős, the largest Buddhist stupa in Europe, erected around the Buddha relic and an 11 m tree of life

12:00: Lunch with wine tasting: At the station of the Zala Wine Route Association in the Turul restaurant in Zalaszántó, where we can experience the richness of gastronomic traditions.