Noah Wine House

Noah Wine House

We at the Zala Wine Route Association have been working for more than ten years to put the Zala wine region on the wine map of Hungary. We try to build the future by getting to know and presenting our past. Our association, Noah’s Wine House is a drop of the past. There is a 200-year-old harrow cellar in the center of Dötk, which presents traditional Zala vineyard architecture as a country house. A tired tourist can relax in an authentic rural environment under the shady walnut tree while exploring the hills of Zala. Relaxing from your tiredness, you can taste the wines of our variety collection produced around the wine house or taste our delicious dishes made in our oven. The present and the future are represented by our winemaker members who put quality wines on the table every year and who we are happy to present to those who are interested.

Lajos Simon

A drop of Zala…! Grapes, wine, past, present, future, countryside, fun, friendship, forest, field, chirping, laughter! I look forward to all this at Noah's wine house ...

dear visitors who are interested in the historical, wine and gastronomic culture and customs of the Zala Wine Region. The wines from our grape gene collection offer an unparalleled experience! Maybe you want to hear an old story or be a member of a song team? Take a look at us!

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