Nagykanizsa lookout tower

Nagykanizsa lookout tower

The lookout for Nagykanizsa has been an attraction around the Boating Lake for many decades, popular with Kanizsa residents and tourists.

The legal predecessor of our company, the Zala Forest and Wood Processing Farm, prepared the development plan of the Nagykanizsa Park Forest in 1971, and this already included the setting up of a lookout tower. It was around this time that the Transdanubian Petroleum Machinery Factory scrapped this oil rig, which operated in Bázakerettye, Dióskál and Nagylengyel.

It was then erected on the east side of the Boating Lake and became a sight of the city. Over time, however, its condition deteriorated and after a decade, Zalaerdő Zrt. - as the asset manager of the surrounding forests - embraced the fate of the object.

The reconstruction project cost was 125 million Ft wich was funded by the Ministry of Aggriculture by 88 million Ft and the rest was paid by Zalaerdő Zrt. making it the largest public welfare development in recent years in the life of the company .

With the reconstruction of the lookout, our goal was to be a modern, high-quality, timeless facility that would further increase the tourist offer of the area, providing a real experience for visitors.

The built-in new material is approx. 30 tons and the total weight of the structure is nearly 100 tons. The total height of the metal and glass work is 48 meters, the lower observation deck is 28 meters high and the upper is 43 meters high. This makes it one of the highest lookout towers in the country. The upper level can be reached by overcoming 230 steps. Its night lighting is provided by reflectors and LED light lines. We have installed a modern electronic security system and an intelligent access gate. Of course, climbing the tower requires a lot of courage and muscle strength, but the sight before us makes up for it.

We would like this work to be one of the defining symbols of the city, which, in addition to its function, also commemorates the oil mining in Zala.

Before you visit:

The lookout can accommodate 50 people at a time. If the number of people in the lookout reaches 50, the admission system will not admit another visitor, even if you have a valid ticket, only if the number drops below 50 again. When purchasing a ticket, please take into account the closing date and the number of occupants.

The price of the ticket: 500 HUF / person (including VAT), which can be redeemed in cash or with a PayPass bank card using the denominations shown on the ticket machine (PIN code cannot be entered when using PayPass, please observe your bank's business rules!). - The card payment option is not working yet! Thank you for your understanding!

If you need a VAT invoice, call: + 36-93 / 500-200.

We provide discounted entry for groups of more than 30 people at a pre-arranged time.

Inquire: + 36-93 / 500-214; + 36-30 / 474-7281.

Opening hours:

From 1 March to 30 April, every day of the week from 10:00 to 17:00

From 1 May to 30 September, every day of the week from 9:00 to 19:00

From 1 October to 30 November, every day of the week from 10:00 to 17:00

After closing, the access system does not allow new visitors, it only ensures the exit of those inside!

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