Fairytale park in Nagyrécse

Fairytale park in Nagyrécse

With the TELE-KA-LAND Fairytale Park network we want to attract families with small children to the Slovenian-Hungarian border area, so in 2 Hungarian and 2 Slovenian settlements - Nagyrécse, Magyarszerdahely, Dobronak, Moravske Toplice - 3 well-known fairy tale figures and various close-to-nature interactive games - amoeba, fairy tale , photo wall - we set up. In addition, the tales can be listened to in Hungarian, Slovenian and English with the help of an interactive sound board.

In Nagyrécs, Haladás u. It is located at No. 2 Inkey Castle Park, while in Magyarszerdahely, Petőfi u. The TELE-KA-LAND Fairytale Park is located in the grove behind the Integrated Community Service Square No. 4.

TELE-KA-LAND Fairytale Parks will soon be visible in the grove surrounding Lake Bakonaki in Dobronak, Slovenia, and in the wooded part of Moravske Toplice.

With the upcoming Fabulous Map and Passport, we encourage those interested to visit all 4 border Fairytale Parks.

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