Thermal Lake and Ecoside

Thermal Lake and Ecoside

Thermal Lake and Ecoside

Zalakaros is a spa town which has turned into an economic power in the region owing to the utilisation of the upwelling thermal water as a resource. Minerals contained in the thermal spring water have enabled the construction and ongoing operation of the spa. The thermal lake may be approached via a walkway starting from Dísz Square; during this short trip, visitors can observe the Thermal Lake and the thematic locations built around it, tour the sights of the thermal lake and the ecoside.

The Gate to the Thermal Lake: Reception Building

Visitors arriving at the Thermal Lake are greeted by a beautifully designed reception building, with one of its highlights being the four-story high lookout tower offering a gorgeous view on the lake itself, the nearby forest and the whole building complex. The building also contains an exhibition area, an event terrace and a playground. One could say that this installation is the gate to the Thermal Lake for all pathways begin here and here is where visitors receive their itineraries which will lead them through the thematic trails and tasks ahead. Starting from the Reception Building, visitors can tour the whole area in the direction they desire.

Thermal Lake

The walkway starting from the reception building leads visitors all the way to the artificial lake, which gains its water supply from the thermal water drained from the Zalakaros Thermal Bath. The Thermal Lake has a water surface of approximately 12,900 square meters and its lowest point is 1.8 m deep. Walking along its shore one can admire its waterfront plants, like the narrow-leaved cattail, or come across some sweet-grass, flowering rush, yellow iris, or dwarf bulrush when crossing the aquatic adventure course, and from the little island in the middle of the lake, a wonderful view opens up to the fragrant water lilies, Indian red water lilies, pink water lilies, and the myriads of floating hearts.

Aquatic adventure course

The brave ones may test themselves by walking on water at the aquatic adventure course in the middle of the Thermal Lake. The course is built on the shallow part of the lake and consists of concrete steps with a non-skidding surface, ensuring that playing on them is safe.

’Meditation Square of Lights’

After having tried the adventures provided by the lake, it is worth taking a trip to the little clearing in the forest. In a little square covered with a roof, wooden columns of different sizes have been placed ensuring that sunlight always finds its way in through one of the gaps, but only for a short time, with the rays of sunlight constantly moving as the Sun itself. This arrangement makes the effects of the Earth’s rotation quickly apparent.

‘Pavilion of Sounds’

After the Meditation Square of Lights has dazzled your eyes, you should visit the Pavilion of Sounds, located next to the Reception Building as well. With the help of sound-making instruments of various heights placed at the square, one can gain insight into the world of nature’s sounds and observe the changes in sound frequencies in a playful manner.

Nature Trail

The trail can be completed on foot and consists of 5 stations where visitors are introduced to the flora and fauna of the nearby forest section, as well as traditional methods of forestry and landscape changing processes. At each station, interactive boards, boards with an embossed surface where children may transfer the design using tracing paper, and plant name boards help nature-lovers gain knowledge in a playful manner.

Fairy Tale Park

For families and smaller children the greatest attraction might prove to be the fairy tale park, which provides unique entertainment with its features. Children can explore the sandbox, the tunnel and the tiny brook flowing across the park, as well as the little tree house built between the branches. Beside the novelties of the park, traditional playground equipment is also provided, such as spring riders and swing sets.


Labyrinths are present throughout the world, in various cultures from ancient times until today. A complex network of corridors where escaping requires excellent observation and orientation skills. Everyone can test their afore-mentioned skills within the labyrinth next to the reception building, created using natural materials. Both old and young are guaranteed to have fun, even if they get lost.

Active Resting Park for the Elderly

An outdoors fitness park is also available in Zalakaros where you can work out and strengthen your body on the fresh air. The park features a hip twister machine, leg presses and extensions, several instruments improving movement coordination, arm and chest presses, elliptical machine, air walkers, shoulder joint healing and massaging equipment.

Slide World

The most monumental, literally outstanding piece of the unique little world near the thermal lake is the 21 m high slide tower, which is unrivalled in the whole country. The slide tower consists of two slides named Turbo and Kamikaze. The Turbo slide starts from a height of 21 m and is 75 m long, while the Kamikaze slide is 12 m high and offers a speeding sensation for 36 meters.

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