Zalakaros Airport

Zalakaros Airport

Fly with us!

Visit our idyllic, family-run airport in Zalakaros by the road to Zalakomár!

Our pilots and staff welcome you and if you, your friends or family want to experience unforgettable moments and admire our Zala landscapes not only from the ground, choose any of our routes, we guarantee you can see wonderful places, landscapes, castles, known or new sights from a bird's eye view.

Our pilots are happy to show you the beauty of our surroundings: Little Lake Balaton and Lake Balaton, the Festetics Castle in Keszthely, the healing lake of Hévíz, the green line of Badacsony and other beautiful sights of our surroundings.

Our pilots are happy to welcome you on board!

Further information:

Phone: +36 30 496 0233; +36 30 216 5672

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