Vig Cellar

Vig Cellar

In our winery there are opportunities for family and friends gatherings, as well as wine tastings.

On request, we present local dishes with matching wines, wine dinners, as well as products made from grapes and must (grape jam, grape seed oil).

We provide an opportunity to get an insight into current daily tasks (eg harvesting, green work) combined with a tour of the estate, thus making the visit to us more memorable.

Zsolt Vig

Our family has been making wine for 30 years. We recently remodeled a ...

a two hundred year old cellar into an authentic wine tasting room, thus increasing our catering capacity.

We can accommodate 45 people in the room at pre-arranged times.

We grow three types of white and three types of red grapes: cabaret, rosalia, gray-friendly, blue franc, merlot and cabernet franc.

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