Gáspárlat Schnappshouse

Gáspárlat Schnappshouse
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We combine the traditional process with modern technology.

The aim of our family business is to bring the "soul" of the fruit to life, to make good brandy, a noble, elegant drink with demanding attention. We recommend ourselves to all those who love brandy - the "water of life".

You can receive groups by logging in. Our guests can learn the history of pálinka, how to drink pálinka, what good pálinka is, why we drink pálinka, and gain insight into the mysteries of pálinka brewing.

You can taste and buy from us from the classic world of flavors, berry grape brandies, and gain an insight into the production of brandy in a tradition-respecting building.
We welcome everyone to visit us, we want to offer something positive, a real gastronomic miracle: Pálinka itself!
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Vilmos Gáspár

Our family comes from the western part of Hungary, from Őrség, where schnapps has a long tradition. For the farmer, schnapps was part of everyday life ...

Our grandparents and parents made the schnapps with great care, the trick of which passed from father to son.The Schnappshouse in Balatongyörök was completed in 2015. In terms of quality and knowledge, we strive to be at the forefront of Hungarian manufacturers. Today we produce 25 types of schnapps and distillate.

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