Schnappshouse in Kisgörbő

Schnappshouse in Kisgörbő

The Schnappshouse in Kisgörbő offers a versatile agrotourism service, presenting the schnapps of Kisgörbő, the handicrafts typical of the area, the traditional activities of village life, the preparation of local food and the traditional ways of indoor and backyard farming.

The porta building is located on a closed garden property in a beautiful natural environment, in the village of Kisgörbő, almost 20 km away from both Hévíz and Sümeg.

In the Kisgörbő Pálinka Distillery, especially delicious pálinkas are made from the surrounding fruits using the classic Hungarian Kisüsti and self-developed “HJ special” method (eg: Tüskéskörte, “Braeburn” and “Fuji” apples, Blackberries, Peaches, “Cserszegi Spicy” Grapes, “Katinka ”Plums, Muscat grapes, Cluster cherries).

It is also possible to participate in work processes and hold company and team building trainings. They can accommodate one larger or two smaller groups on request.

János Horváth

I have been involved in traditional fruit and grape production since I was a child. Even when I was a student, the family business founded by my management bought the Kisgörbői Pálinka distillery. Since then, we have made significant improvements, and we have also started making commercial brandy.

We have created several high quality brandies, I have gained a lot of experience in the field of traditional fruit processing and brandy production. I have a Qualification in Chemical Engineering and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, among others. As a member of the Chamber of Engineers, I obtained an expert certificate in alcoholic machinery and equipment. I developed the “HJ special” brandy production method. I planted a traditional orchard with many natural varieties and good natural conditions, which is unique in the area. I also tried to plant special fruit varieties typical of the region (prickly pear, peach, Mariska peach). For those interested in the area, we provide fresh fruit and the high-quality raw material for Kisgörbői Pálinka.

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