Kányaváry Wine Estate

Kányaváry Wine Estate
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Be part of the fabulous magic!

The grapes and wine are links of a synergistic cycle, originated from human-cultivated soil and returning to their origin in the thoughts, feelings and experiences of our guests.

Our goal is to authentically preserve the vivid existence of the craft tradition through the creation of premium artistic wines by expressing the love and respect for the earth, the dynamism of life and trusting the truth of enduring work that gives them an identity.

Zoltán Szabadics

The winery and winemaker introductions usually start with: .... as the third generation of a cooper family... My story is different.

In the name of the Kányaváry Wine Estate, the patina of the nobility of the wine, the soaring imagination and the love of the earth are present at the same time. We would like to achieve this spirit in our wine making, so it is tradition-based yet dynamic.

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