New leisure center

New leisure center

New leisure center in Zalakaros

The new investment project will provide a new tourist attraction in Zalakaros and opportunities for entertainment for all age groups. The development’s primary goal is building new facilities for additional leisure activities besides bathing, and introducing the natural environment of Zalakaros in a playful manner.

How is the lake filled?

From the Gránit thermal bath, 600 to 1,000 m3 of water (thermal water and rainwater from the surfaces of the pools) are drained daily through a drainage pipe of 1 m diameter under the lake, which flows into the Banyavölgyi Stream and finally to Lake Small Balaton. The Zalakaros Thermal Lake was created from this drained thermal water. The Thermal Lake has a water surface of approximately 12,900 square meters and its lowest point is 1.8 m deep.

Visitors arriving at the Thermal Lake are greeted by a beautifully designed reception building, with one of its highlights being the four-story high lookout tower offering a gorgeous view on the lake itself, the nearby forest and the whole building complex.

The Pavilion of Sounds, located next to the Reception Building as well. With the help of soundmaking instruments of various heights placed at the square, one can gain insight into the world of nature’s sounds and observe the changes in sound frequencies in a playful manner. The brave ones may test themselves by walking on water at the aquatic adventure course in the middle of the Thermal Lake. The course is built on the shallow part of the lake and consists of concrete steps with a non-skidding surface, ensuring that playing on them is safe. The meditation square aims to enhance this effect by playing with the lights shining through between the trees of the forest. This arrangement makes the effects of the Earth’s rotation quickly apparent, with rays of light disappearing within minutes, and then replaced with others.

As part of the investment, a nature trail with information boards was also created. The trail runs along a walkway built 20-30 cm above the ground surface, so the safety of the plants moved here from the lake is assured. Children can explore on the playground the sandbox, the tunnel and the tiny brook flowing across the park, as well as the little tree house built between the branches.

An outdoors fitness park is also available in Zalakaros where you can work out and strengthen your body on the fresh air. All pieces of equipment come with a manual, informing guests about their proper use and effect on the body. Next to the reception building found the restaurant. Into the Lake fall a parking place, on the east side located a new bicycleway.

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