Lake Bakonak

Lake Bakonak

The area around Lake Bakonaki offers excellent opportunities for walking, cycling, fishing, camping, picnicking and mushroom picking, in a word: relaxation.

The lake is surrounded by wonderful beeches. There are no natural stagnant waters in Goričko, so the lakes created by blocking the streams are the most important habitats for the flora and fauna. Around the lake, radiesthesiologists and naturopaths have discovered a number of beneficial ground radiation points. These points attract many visitors, sick and curious. Near the lake is the Chapel of St. Vid, next to the spring of healing water.

The average depth of the lake is approx. 2 meters, but in some places it reaches 5 meters. It covers an area of about eight hectares. The lake can be approached from the direction of Dobron on an asphalt road, and a parking lot at the entrance of the area awaits visitors.

The forest around the lake awaits guests with pleasant shade, and in addition to anglers, it also offers a suitable place for those wishing to relax, walk, camp, picnic and mushroom picking.

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