Dóka Éva Winery

Dóka Éva Winery
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There are big encounters that affect our whole lives.

We had one when we met each other, and shortly after, we had a very close relationship with our very first 0.5 ha Chardonnay vineyard we had together, which was also the beginning of a great love.

Éva Dóka

We met Robi in '96, after his heart drove him home to Zala and by that time he was heavily infected with the love of grapes and wine. My past was similar to his, my family did not only cultivate one mountain, but more moutainland, so this activity was not the crux of my heart, but Robi"s love grew for it once again, so I gave in to my waist to buy grapes.

My little journey made detours (which mainly involved parenting), while the diversity of our ideas and mentality repeatedly tested the business. My Robim is always so determined, he always knows where he wants to be, facing you. I'm quite different. I'm always a little above ground, I can't make decisions right away. I like nice, clean things, but it takes me some time. I could say I'm prudent, but no, it's just time. There are many things I could list here, but the point is: we are completely different. Since then more than 20 years have passed, and while we are still surviving for different personalities, sometimes we are fire and water, but the positive thinking inherited from my dad that everything can be done, that there is something good in everything, helps us achieve common goals. I think we both will succeed as we go on, we will move forward.

Róbert Tarsoly

As a child, I would have thought of everything, except that I would work with grapes and wine! This was due to the fact that my parents regularly used my "selfless" help at the small family estate while the boys were playing soccer on the street…

But avoiding home, the initial feeling of unlimited freedom was increasingly replaced by a desire for Zala landscapes and, to my surprise, my interest in grapes and wine grew. Of course it is true that by then I knew why we were working: the taste of the "accidentally" swallowed during wine making has been in my mouth ever since. And since making my first wine of my own, my biggest desire is to make better and better wines, striving for perfection.